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Healthy Snacks for After School

As kids head back to the classroom, it’s time to start thinking about healthy snacks for after school and for their lunchboxes.

Most children aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables these days, and picky eaters can be especially hard to please.

Kids love crunchy sweet snacks, and NADI Happy Hearts Apple Chips are a healthy choice.

Made with just one ingredient, Happy Hearts are full of fiber, Vitamin C, potassium and other vitamins and minerals. There are only 100 calories per bag, and we make them with special drying techniques so they’re ultra crispy and fun to eat.

We never add sugar, oil, preservatives or artificial ingredients so you can feel good about serving Happy Hearts apple chips any time of the day. Kids would love to find a bag in their lunchbox, or on the counter for an after school snack.

Apples can help improve your digestive health, and the fiber helps you feel full longer.

We’re offering a special promotion for 15% off Happy Hearts dried apple chips and NADI Wild Rosehip juices. Use the code LOVENADI at checkout.