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Misfits Market Sells NADI Juice as We Switch to New Bottles

Misfits Market, the retailer dedicated to making high-quality food more accessible while also reducing food waste, has partnered with NADI to sell our delicious all-natural rosehip juices as we transition to a new bottle design.

Misfits Market rescues organic produce and grocery items that have imperfections such as unusual shapes and other “surplus” food that would otherwise go to waste, and we love their passion for redirecting healthy food directly to consumers.

Consumers can save up to 40% compared to grocery store prices, and receive just-in-time rescued food shipments from Misfit Markets right to their door.

When we decided to switch to new bottles for NADI juices, we wanted to do something impactful to prevent rosehip juices in our previous bottle designs from going to waste, and Misfits Market was a perfect fit.

The NADI juice being sold through Misfit Market is just as healthy and packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants and other nutrients as the juice in our new bottles, but Misfits Market is helping us make them available for purchase to a wider audience who maybe hadn’t heard of NADI before — how cool is that?

Our new bottles for NADI juice are more environmentally friendly, which deepens our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and being responsible stewards of our planet’s resources. We recently converted our NADI juice production facility to 100% solar energy, and our packaging materials can be recycled.

We’re excited about working with Misfits Market to support their cause of reducing food waste. Learn more about Misfit Markets produce and other groceries here.