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Boost your immune system with

Wild Rosehip Juices

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Happy Hearts
Apple Chips

Made with one ingredient -
all natural apples!

Boost Your Immune System

No sugar added, antioxidant-packed Rosehip Juice

Discover NADI

From the Ancient Caucasus Mountains in the country of Georgia, embrace the cultural heritage of nourishing juices and snacks!


Our Products

For many generations in our native country of Georgia, mothers and grandmothers made rosehip drinks and fruit snacks for their families to nourish, improve immunity, prevent colds, improve digestion, strengthen skin, and boost energy. Our goal is to revive these forgotten ancient traditions and share them with the rest of the world.

All Natural ♡ Organic ♡ Sustainably farmed ♡ Packed with Vitamin C ♡ No Added Sugar ♡ Rich in Antioxidants ♡ Powerful Immunity Booster

USDA Organic Juice

The first and only USDA Certified Organic Wild Rosehip Juice Beverages in the USA.

All Natural & Sustainable

Made with 100% all natural, wild-growth fruit and ingredients & NO added sugar.

Social Venture

NADI practices sustainable farming and employs displaced refugees. Each purchase gives back to them.