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Most of us don’t drink enough water and other beverages to stay properly hydrated, and many of us also aren’t getting enough vitamins and minerals in our diets.

Choosing vitamin-packed drinks can help you accomplish both of those health goals, and some companies even sell Vitamin C hydration therapy as a natural energy booster.

Rosehip Juice: A Vitamin C packed drink 

NADI Wild Rosehip juices provide all of your daily Vitamin C needs in one delicious 10-ounce bottle. Rosehips are one of the best natural sources of Vitamin C, and they have 30 to 40 times more Vitamin C than citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.

Vitamin C, rosehips and the immune system 

Vitamin C plays an important role in our immune systems and helps our bodies fight off viruses and infections. Because Vitamin C is water soluble, if you consume more than your body needs, the excess is expelled through urine. 

Rosehips are also a great source of B vitamins, manganese, antioxidants that fight free radicals, polyphenols, flavonoids and other beneficial nutrients.

The original wild rosehip flavor has just 9 calories per bottle and zero sugar. The rosehip-grape blend has 90 calories and rosehip-pomegranate has 75 calories, and the only sugar is from what naturally occurs in the fruit.

History of Rosehips 

Rosehips are an ancient superfood, and they can help soothe upset stomachs, reduce bloating, improve your digestive system, support heart health and blood circulation, promote wound healing, and brighten your skin. 

For many centuries, healers have used rosehips to treat a wide variety of illnesses and ailments and some of the earliest medical texts mentioned rosehips as a cure-all and great source of Vitamin C.

Rosehips have also played an important role in more recent public health campaigns. During World War II when ocean blockades prevented global trade, the British government advised residents to forage for rosehips and make them into a syrup for Vitamin C to prevent scurvy. 

Rosehips can also be used to make hot tea, and they can be added to superfood salads, trail mix, granola, oatmeal and many other foods.

We like to use NADI Wild Rosehip juice to make smoothies and creative cocktails, or as a natural energy boost in the afternoon.

As you pay closer attention to your own hydration levels, choose more drinks with vitamins that are good for your body.