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Health & Fitness Best Bets: Amandean Supplements and NADI Juices

These two brands are veritable dynamic duos in the realm of healthfulness:

NADI Rosehip Juices are 100% Tasty AND Healthy
NADI‘s Taste of Tradition line of wild rosehip juices come in Grape, Pomegranate, and Original and contain only purified water, 100% organic rosehips, organic fruit juice, and organic stevia. Rosehip berries are cherished for their high concentration of Vitamin C, B vitamins, polyphenols, bioflavonoids, and antioxidants. NADI rosehips are sustainably grown and hand-harvested from the bushes that grow wild in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. This brand is women-owned, USDA Organic, and has won multiple awards for its great tasting drinks. No added sugar and no preservatives means that this should be your new favorite summer drink brand for your health. NADI means ‘collective work effort” in the Georgian language. Try NADI’s healthy apple chips called Happy Hearts for summer snacking, too.
Price: $3.98 per bottle