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NADI Converts to Solar Energy at Rosehip Juice Factory in Georgia

NADI is thrilled to announce that its new rosehip juice production factory near the Georgian capital of Tbilisi will run entirely on solar energy, which reduces carbon dioxide, saves tons of coal and eliminates the deforestation of hundreds of trees per year.

The NADI factory in the village of Natakhtari relies on photo-voltaic cells to convert solar power directly into current energy to operate all equipment. Previously, the factory relied on imported electricity from the local municipality that consumes fossil fuels and drains other natural resources including trees and water.

In the first few months since converting to solar power, the NADI factory has saved:

  • 11,797 kg of carbon dioxide (13 U.S. tons)
  • 4,744 kg of coal (5.2 U.S. tons)
  • 650 trees protected from deforestation

These figures are expected to quadruple by the end of 2022, NADI estimates.

NADI is proud to be one of the pioneers in green energy in the country of Georgia, where many businesses rely on local municipalities for their electricity needs. Much of the country’s electrical supply is imported and generated by depleting declining fossil fuel supplies.

“The sun provides clean renewable energy that is abundant and causes no harm to our planet,” said George Abashidze, who leads NADI operations in the country of Georgia. “We urge other businesses to do their part in protecting our environment for future generations by making similar investments in solar energy and other green energy.”

Many adults in Georgia recall a time in their childhood when electricity was scarce, costly and unattainable for most families. Even young children knew the value of every minute of electricity that was consumed. Few of them could have dreamed about having unlimited supplies of clean energy from solar power.

“Electricity was a rare and expensive commodity for many Georgian households just a few decades ago, and now we have incredible opportunities to turn solar power into a bottomless source of clean energy,” said Nina Tickaradze, Founder & CEO of NADI, who grew up in the country of Georgia and immigrated to United States as a teenager. “Investing in solar energy advances our social mission of creating a positive impact on the communities and people around us”.

NADI is a socially responsible venture with a mission to create jobs and economic opportunities for displaced refugees. NADI juices are sold in over 800 retail stores across the United States as well as various online platforms and food service channels. NADI Rosehip juices are known as powerful immunity booster juices each 10 oz. bottle provides consumers with a suggested daily dose of Vitamin C. Read full article HERE!


NADI is the maker of NADI USDA Certified Organic Wild Rosehip Juices and all-natural Happy Hearts Apple Chips. NADI is a social venture that creates jobs for displaced refugees and a WBENC certified woman-owned business founded by Nina Tickaradze, who is a native of the country of Georgia. The name NADI means “collective work effort” in the Georgian language to honor the refugees, family and friends who make our healthy products possible.