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How Rosehips Can Help Soothe Menopause Pains

In addition to hot flashes and hormone imbalances, millions of women who are going through menopause also experience terrible joint pain and stiffness.

Changes in estrogen levels can affect the musculoskeletal system and joints by decreasing collagen production, which can lead to swelling, compression of soft tissues and chronic pain. 

Rosehips can help diminish menopausal joint pain, according to Dr. Anne Henderson, a consultant gynecologist and accredited menopause expert through the British Menopause Society.

Rosehips have natural anti-inflammatory properties because of the polyphenols and anthocyanins that occur in the berries as they grow on the bushes of rose plants.

Rosehips are also rich in vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that fights harmful molecules called free radicals that can cause tissue damage and diseases such as cancer. Some studies show that it can also reduce specific enzymes that break down cartilage.

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