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Each night, millions of people toss and turn as they struggle to fall asleep. Stress, anxiety and overstimulation can lead to restless and sleepless nights, interfere with natural sleep rhythms and leave you groggy and cranky the next day. To naturally invite drowsiness, try eating a small bunch of grapes in the evening. Grapes are the only fruit known to contain the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin, which has become a popular supplement and over-the-counter sleep aid.

Our brains produce melatonin, which controls our wake and sleep cycles. The hormone usually increases at night and diminishes as dawn approaches, but stress hormones, caffeine and sugar can interfere with how our bodies produce and respond to melatonin.

About 15 years ago, scientists in Italy discovered that at least eight varieties of grapes all contained various amounts of melatonin. We admire the many health benefits of grapes so much that we blended organic grape juice with our signature wild-grown rosehip beverage to create a delicious drink that is big on flavor, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols.

NADI Wild Rosehip Grape has just 90 calories per bottle, zero added sugar and nothing artificial. The rich jammy flavor is complex and refreshing, and kids love it. You can buy some here.