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April is an important month for NADI because it includes World Health Day, and this year the global day of advocacy is extra special to us because of the coronavirus pandemic.

World Health Day is on April 7 and activists around the world observe the day by advocating for healthcare access for all people without allowing it to become a financial hardship.

The event was created by the World Health Organization at its first assembly in 1948, and numerous studies have shown a strong link between better health and job growth, economic prosperity and gender equality.

This year, World Health Day takes on deeper meaning as hundreds of millions of people around the globe adjust to mandatory closures of businesses and schools and “stay at home” orders from local governments while health officials try to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Here are some tips for taking good care of your health during this unusual time of social distancing and government-ordered shutdowns.

Take care of your body

  • Keep practicing social distancing, and resist the temptation to invite friends over or have playdates for children.
  • Pay close attention to hygiene: wash your hands frequently, and don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Immediately use hand sanitizer before and after going out for essential errands such as groceries or prescriptions.
  • Stick to your normal routine and schedule: wake up at your usual time, and be sure to unplug when the workday is over.
  • Take breaks! A walk around the block or playtime in the backyard with your children or pets will invigorate you and improve your focus.
  • Get exercise. Go for a run or walk, take a bike ride, do yoga in your living room, play basketball in the driveway and find other creative ways to get your heart pumping while still maintaining social distance.
  • Stick to a healthy diet. Pantry staples such as beans, grains and canned vegetables are a better choice than curbside takeout meals.
  • Choose healthy drinks. Sugary drinks like soda and juices with added sugar are empty calories and should be avoided. We love NADI rosehip drinks, which are all-natural and never have added sugar.
  • Limit alcohol. It might be tempting to drink extra wine and cocktails when you don’t have to go into the office the next morning, but they will only make you feel groggy and rough.
  • Don’t stress eat. Avoid calorie-laden foods like chocolate, ice cream and other junk food that can pile on the pounds and make you feel sluggish.

Protect your mental health, too

  • Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social disengagement. Keep in touch with friends and family with FaceTime, Skype, phone calls and texts. Hold a “virtual happy hour” with a friend while you both enjoy a beverage, or have a “virtual lunch meeting” together.
  • Find something to look forward to. Maybe it’s a vacation in the fall or a virtual birthday party for a friend.
  • Start a journal. Write about three things that made you happy each day, and acknowledge the struggles you had too.
  • Be sympathetic. Many people are having a hard time adjusting to working from home, caring for children, cooking extra meals and running a household on limited supplies caused by supply chain disruptions. Be extra patient and understanding when others are stressed.
  • Share your hacks. Have you found an awesome educational app, or a great blog about making fabulous meals with just a few basic ingredients? Share your wisdom with others.
  • Cut yourself some slack. This is an unusual and unprecedented time, and it’s healthy to set lower expectations for certain things right now. Give yourself permission to slack off a little on things that aren’t critical at this time.
  • Phone a friend. If stress, anxiety, isolation or depression start to feel overwhelming, reach out and call or FaceTime a friend or mental health professional.

Talk to us!

How are you staying healthy right now? Is there a health secret or tip you’d like to share with others? Post about it on our Facebook page (Get Nadi) and share your ideas with our community.