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We had a wonderful time celebrating the rich history and culture of the capital of the country of Georgia at TBILISOBA events in three different states.

NADI was delighted to join Georgian expatriates, people of Georgian heritage and others who simply admire the culture of the Caucasus region at the TBILISOBA festivals in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

“It is such an honor for NADI to participate in the Tbilisoba Festival and share this taste of tradition that so many Georgians remember from childhood when their grandmothers made rosehip drink to keep them healthy,” said Nina Tickaradze, founder of NADI.

We poured samples of our delicious organic immunity-boosting rosehip drinks, which are loaded with Vitamin C, antioxidants, polyphenols and dozens of other beneficial vitamins and nutrients.  Each bottle of NADI provides 135% of daily Vitamin C needs and has just 9 calories, and there are no added sugars, preservatives or artificial ingredients. 

Rosehip drink is an ancient Georgian health tradition that many natives remember fondly from their childhood, and NADI is made with organic rosehips that grow wild in the forests of the Caucasus Mountains and are hand-harvested by displaced refugees.

Tbilisoba festivities across the country 

We enjoyed the RTVELI celebration on Sept. 15 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, which recognizes Georgian winemaking traditions, food and other cultural traditions.

At the TBILISOBA fall festival on Sept. 28 in Washington, D.C., we poured samples of NADI while people watched folk dance performances and outdoor cooking demonstrations. Workshops for making traditional arts and crafts were also a big hit.

New York’s TBILISOBA event was organized by the Pesvebi Georgian Cultural Center on Oct. 6. For nearly four decades, the Pesvebi Georgian Cultural Center in New York has held an annual celebration of Georgian traditions with open air concerts, dancing, food, sports competitions, art exhibitions and more. The group arranges for Georgian chefs and restaurants to prepare traditional foods, and brings together musicians, singers, dancers and other ensembles for performances of traditional folk music. Professional artists and designers had their work on display, while chess and backgammon tournaments attracted people of all ages. Children from the community also gave presentations and showed their artwork.

What is Tbilisoba? 

Tbilisoba is a tradition that began in October of 1979 to celebrate the diversity and cultural heritage of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Each year, dozens of events are organized by people of Georgian heritage in cities all over the world to commemorate the harvest season and the history of the capital city.

About Nadi 

NADI, which means “collective work effort” in Georgian, is a traditional rosehip drink made from an old family recipe with just three ingredients: organic rosehips that are hand-harvested at the peak of ripeness from the Caucasus Mountains, purified water and organic stevia plant-based sweetener.

NADI is also a socially responsible venture that creates jobs and financial stability for refugees in the country of Georgia who have been displaced by regional conflicts and are struggling to support their families and rebuild their lives.