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Could a treatment for obesity be hidden in plain sight in the forests and gardens all around us?

Taking a single daily dose of 100 mg of rosehip extract for 12 weeks with no other dietary restrictions or interventions led to “significantly higher” reductions of abdominal fat than in subjects who had a placebo.

The abdominal fat in subjects who took the rosehip pills dropped 6.5%, while subjects who took the placebo rose 0.65%, according to the 2015 study. Bodyweight and body mass index (BMI) also declined in subjects who took the rosehip supplement.

Scientists who ran the study credited the high concentrations of Vitamin C and polyphenols in the rosehips, which are harvested from the rosa canina plant.

Rosehips are also high in B complex vitamins, vitamin A, iron, vitamin E, selenium and manganese.

In other studies, rosehip drinks have been proven to significantly reduce cardiovascular risk by lowering of systolic blood pressure and plasma cholesterol levels.

We’re big fans of the many health benefits of products made from rosehips, which have been used for generations to make curative drinks in our native country of Georgia for everything from upset stomachs to menstrual cramps to sore muscles and the common cold.

We use organic rosehip berries from rosa canina plants that grow wild in the forests of the Caucasus Mountains to make NADI according to an old family recipe.

Our mothers and grandmothers have appreciated the health benefits of rosehip drink for generations, and we hope you enjoy it too.