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Celebrating National Business Women’s Day,

On National Business Women’s Day, we salute all the hard-working women entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders around the globe who are making an impact at their company and clearing the path for generations of women behind them.

Although they make up half of the population, women still have a long way to go in business leadership positions. Only 8% of all Fortune 500 companies are run by female CEOs as of 2021, according to Fortune magazine.

It’s vital that professional women do more to support each other, and lift each other up so they can make bigger strides in their careers.

One company that’s helping advance women in business is Packed With Purpose, which curates gift baskets with healthy snacks and drinks while also supporting businesses owned by women, minorities and other historically underrepresented entrepreneurs. 

Each purchase of a Packed with Purpose gift basket that includes NADI Happy Hearts dried apple chips helps us fulfill our mission of creating jobs and economic opportunities for refugees who were displaced by regional conflicts in the country of Georgia.

Packed with Purpose holds a special place in our hearts because many of their gift baskets also include treats made by other incredible women we’ve befriended over the years.

NADI’s network of amazing entrepreneurs and mentors includes:

  • Junita’s Jar cookies founded by Junita Flowers, who left an abusive relationship and speaks with college students about healthy relationships
  • Dress It Up Dressing by Sophia Maroon, who used her mother’s recipe to create a line of all-natural dressings that make healthy eating easy, even for the pickiest eater.
  • Progeny Coffee by Maria Jose Palacio, who created her own coffee buying chain to ensure farmers get fair prices for their coffee beans
  • Hugo Coffee by Claudia McMullin, who supports animal rescues and adoptions throughout the country
  • The Credeur Group business communications firm by Mary Jane Credeur, who serves on the Board of Directors of Nana Grants, a nonprofit that pays for childcare so low-income single moms can finish college 

At NADI, we want to show other aspiring women entrepreneurs that even the most impossible dreams can come true with hard work, perseverance and grit.