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What If Every Business Gave Back?

When we first had the idea of starting NADI, it was important to us that the company would be set up as a social venture that gave back to the community in a meaningful way.

Our mission is to create jobs and economic opportunities for refugees who have been displaced from their homes, and each purchase of our healthy beverages and snacks helps refugees earn steady income and rebuild their lives.

We hope that more companies will embrace the ideals of responsible entrepreneurship by giving more of their time, talents, energy and money to their local communities.

For some companies, that means donating services or use of equipment that otherwise can’t be afforded.

Jeff Dudan, the CEO of Dudan Partners and a member of the Forbes Business Development Council, tells a powerful story of getting the owners of water damage restoration and mold mitigation companies to step up and help the family of a 6-year-old girl with terminal cancer when black mold was discovered underneath their home and insurance wouldn’t cover it.

Doing something good for people in need has a positive impact on company culture. A recent survey by Deloitte showed that 90% of Americans think that companies that sponsor volunteer initiatives have better working environments than those that don’t. Yet only 38% of companies offer opportunities for their employees to volunteer.

Some of the most successful volunteer programs align a company’s area of expertise with a specific community need, Dudan writes.

“When you're looking for an organization or charity to get involved with, look for one that aligns with both your company values and the niche your company fills, such as a tech company that gives back by teaching coding to schools in underprivileged areas,” Dudan wrote in Forbes. “Your expertise will be highly beneficial and highly appreciated.”

 At NADI, we hire refugees to handpick our rosehip berries, prepare the fruit and make our beverages. Every single sale of a NADI or Happy Hearts product directly supports more job creation and financial independence for refugees. We also support local fundraisers and events that promote healthy lifestyles, such as the Tour de Cure walk organized by the American Diabetes Association.

We invite you to find a local organization or cause that you feel passionate about, and begin volunteering. Ask your family, friends and neighbors to join you. Ask your employer to sponsor a service project or hold a fundraiser. Every effort matters and has a real impact on strengthening local communities.