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Dehydration can sneak up on you, sapping energy and making you feel sleepy and hurting your ability to concentrate.

If you’re suddenly thirsty or your mouth feels dry or you haven’t urinated in several hours, you might be dehydrated. Headache, fatigue and dizziness can also be caused by low hydration, which is especially dangerous for babies, children and the elderly.

Water, tea and lightly sweetened or low-calorie fruit drinks are some of the best choices for keeping our bodies hydrated and our energy levels up.

10 ways to stay hydrated 

Here are 10 great strategies to stay hydrated:

1. Keep a container of water within reach, and set a goal of drinking and refilling it several times a day.

2. Every time you use the restroom, replenish fluids by grabbing another fresh drink.

3. Pause to drink a few sips between tasks, or when switching from one project to another.

4. If there’s something that you do consistently several times each day (go to the printer, bring files to a colleague, etc.), use those opportunities as cues to take a few drinks.

5. Stay alert during meetings by bringing a drink with you. Try to finish it before the meeting ends.

6. If you get hungry between meals, a cup of coffee or tea or water can help you feel sated until it’s time to eat.

7. Grab a drink before commuting to/from work, and finish it before you reach your destination.

8. Make time to drink fluids before, during and after exercise — especially when the weather is hot.

9. Make a nice long drink part of your morning and bedtime hygiene routines.

Anytime you notice someone else drinking something, refreshing drink for yourself too.

Sometimes our bodies crave something other than water.

Nutritionists recommend adding slices of fruit or herbs to give some flavor to water, and low-calorie drinks such as NADI are another terrific option (only 9 calories per bottle!).