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NADI Rosehip Drink Chosen as Finalist for Sustainable Food Award

We are delighted that NADI has been chosen as a finalist for a Sustainable Food Award by Ecovia Intelligence.

NADI Wild Rosehip Drink was selected for its sustainable growing and hand-harvesting techniques, which are regenerative and gentle on the plants and encourage new growth for future years.

We only use rosehips from plants (rosa canina) that grow wild and natural in the forests of the Caucasus Mountains, where fresh breezes and sunshine and ample rainfall nourish the plants just as nature intended.


NADI’s rosehips are never treated with pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or other chemicals the way large scale farm produce is often grown, so they are completely natural and better for you.


We are also proud to be a socially responsible venture with a mission to create jobs and economic opportunities for internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have been displaced by war and geopolitical conflicts in the country of Georgia.


We created a cooperative with refugees and we hire them to harvest our rosehips by hand, which is also better for the plants than machine or mechanical harvesting. These jobs provide steady income so refugees can support their families and rebuild their lives.


Thank you to the judges of the Sustainable Food Awards by Ecovia Intelligence for choosing NADI as a finalist for the Sustainable Ingredient category! We deeply appreciate being recognized!
Full list of Finalists: