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Happy Hearts Apple Chips, Granny Smith (6 pack)


Only One Ingredient – All-Natural Granny Smith Apples

All natural, never baked, cooked or fried. A fiber-full snack that keeps you satisfied. NADI Apple Chips are inspired by Old World Georgian methods of naturally preserving freshly harvested fruit that retain fruit’s nutrients and flavors.


  • Only One Ingredient - All Natural Apples
  • Granny Smith & Ida Red varieties (3 of each) 
  • NO Added Sugars
  • Only 100 Calories per bag 
  • Fat-free
  • Great source of fiber
  • Gluten-free 
  • Vegan

100 calories per bag icon-NADI Apple Chips non-GMO. no added sugarNo added sugar icon- Healthy Rosehip Drinks and Apple ChipsFat Free icon-NADI Golden, Ida Red & Granny Smith Dried Apple Chips are never baked or friedNatural icon- NADI Apple Chips are made with only one ingredient all natural Apples

Fiber icon-NADI Golden, Ida Red and Granny Smith Apple Chips are a great source of fiber and potassiumVegan icon- No added Sugar Rosehip Juices and Apple chipsGluten Free icon- Rosehip Drinks and Fat Free Happy Hearts Apple Chips

2021 Dried Fruit of the Year by Mindful Awards

2021 NEXTY Finalist of New Hope 

2020 Stacy's Rise Project Winner by PepsiCo.

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    Happy Hearts Apple Chips, Granny Smith (6 pack)