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Happy Hearts Apple Chips, Variety Flavors (6 pack)


Only One Ingredient – All-Natural Apples

All natural, never baked, cooked or fried. A fiber-full snack that keeps you satisfied. NADI Apple Chips are inspired by Old World Georgian methods of naturally preserving freshly harvested fruit that retain fruit’s nutrients and flavors.


  • Only One Ingredient - All Natural Apples
  • Granny Smith, Golden Delicious & Ida Red varieties (2 of each) 
  • NO Added Sugars
  • Only 100 Calories per bag 
  • Fat-free
  • Great source of fiber
  • Gluten-free 
  • Vegan

    100 calories per bag icon-NADI Apple Chips. No added sugar. Fat freeNo added sugar icon- Rosehip Drinks and Apple ChipsFat Free icon- Golden, Ida Red & Granny Smith Dried Apple Chips are never baked or friedNatural icon- NADI Apple Chips are made with only one ingredient all natural Apples

    Fiber icon-NADI Golden, Ida Red and Granny Smith Apple Chips are a great source of fiber and potassiumVegan Icon - Rosehip Juices and Apple chipsGluten Free icon- Rosehip Drinks and Happy Hearts Apple Chips

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      Happy Hearts Apple Chips, Variety Flavors (6 pack)