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Roots of Tradition

Our dream and goal at NADI is to revive the ancient healthy food traditions of the country of Georgia, which is known for its rich cultural heritage and the majestic forests of the Caucasus Mountains and share them with the rest of the world.

Rosehip Juices

Our story begins a few years ago when we, longtime friends Nina & Gaga, realized that we shared a passion for the delicious healthy rosehip drink we remembered from childhood.

For many generations in our native country of Georgia, mothers and grandmothers made rosehip drinks for their families to prevent colds, improve digestion, strengthen skin and nails and boost energy.

The idea for NADI was born. NADI means “collective work effort” in Georgian in recognition of the employees, family and friends who have spent so much time, energy and talent to make this wonderful drink possible.

Apple Chips

Georgians have sophisticated ways of drying and preserving freshly harvested fruit to make delightful dried fruit snacks called chiri. That tradition inspired us to make NADI Happy Hearts Apple Chips, which are ultra thin and extra crispy and made with just one ingredient: apples.

NADI team members Tamara Sheitnishvili, Nona Noniashvili and Shako Mdzinarashvili developed sophisticated drying techniques that make our NADI Happy Hearts apple chips super crunchy while preserving all of the nutritional benefits of the fruit.

Making an Impact

We are proud to be a social venture with a mission to create jobs and economic opportunities for refugees who were displaced by regional conflicts in the country of Georgia.

There are more than 250,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Georgia who have had to flee their homes and leave everything behind. We worked with refugee leaders to create a cooperative called TKIS NOBATI, and that program matches refugees with job opportunities to help make our delicious NADI Wild Rosehip drinks and Apple Chips.

Each purchase of NADI helps plant the seeds of social entrepreneurism so future generations can thrive.

“This project has given me hope,” says Lia, a refugee who picks rosehips for NADI.

“Every morning, I feel like my life has new meaning.”

Award Winning Taste

NADI is certified as a women-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, the largest third-party certifier of businesses that are owned, controlled and operated by women.


2020 – NADI Winner of the Stacy’s Rise Project™ by PepsiCo

2020 – BEST BITE AWARD by Delicious Living Magazine

2018 – Most Innovative Drink by London’s International Magazine of Innovative Beverages

2018 – Mercury Business Award for successful export products in Tbilisi, Georgia

2017 – Best Immunity Defense Drink by Innovative Functional Drinks Awards (BIFDA) in London

2016 – Agribusiness of the Year for the country of Georgia

2016 – Best Immunity Defense Drink of the Year for 2016 at the Beverage Innovative Functional Drinks Awards (BIFDA) in London

2016 — One of the Most Innovative Drinks by London’s International Magazine of Innovative Beverages


Stacy’s Rise Project™ Winner 2020

Stacy’s Pita Chips & PepsiCo Foods



By Delicious Living Magazine, USA