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NADI adds Apple Chips to portfolio

Convincing children to eat fruits and vegetables can be a challenge. Sometimes food companies try to mask the healthy ingredients with sugar and artificial flavors, which of course defeats the whole purpose of eating well.

A great way to get kids to eat healthier foods is to serve them all-natural snacks that taste delicious!

NADI Happy Hearts dried apple chips by NADI are ultra-thin and super crunchy, and kids love the fun sensation of biting into these crispy treats.

Best of all, there is just one ingredient in Happy Hearts: apples.

We leave the skins of the apples on for maximum nutritional benefit, and they are an excellent source of fiber. They are naturally vegan, gluten-free, fat-free and non-GMO. Each bag has just 100 calories.

Unlike other brands, we don’t fry or bake our apple chips. Instead, we use special drying techniques that preserve all the goodness and turn luscious ripe apples into extra crunch chips that are a guilt-free snack for the entire family.

Now you can love what you eat, without compromises.

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