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Buy This: 3 drinks to keep you hydrated and healthy

Nina Tickaradze, a native of Tbilisi, the capital of the country of Georgia, now lives in Atlanta. In 2014, she and a friend in Tbilisi decided to begin making and bottling the traditional rosehip drink their mothers and grandmothers made for them as children. And to employ the country’s refugees to pick the rosehips needed. NADI is a USDA-certified organic drink made from the fruit of rose bushes growing in the forests of the Caucasus mountains. A bottle has only 9 calories and provides 135 percent of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C. It’s tart and fruity and probably just the thing for cold and flu season.

$2.49 per 10-ounce bottle. Available at Alon’s Bakery & Market, Australian Bakery Cafe, Buford Highway Farmers Market, Savi Provisions and Sevananda. 

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