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We absolutely love events that support local neighborhoods, and the 17th Annual Kirkwood Spring Fling & Tour of Homes is one of our favorites.

The annual gathering draws thousands of people for a festival featuring an artists market with locally made art, a BBQ competition, a 5K road race, a tour of homes, and activities and games for kids. The proceeds from the event support neighborhood betterment projects such as building parks and greenspace for everyone to enjoy and promoting healthier living.

This year, we were delighted to give away bottles of NADI rosehip drinks at the Kirkwood Spring Fling to support this fantastic event that showcases the unique character of Kirkwood and brings neighbors together for a day of fun.

“The Kirkwood Spring Fling has such great energy as the community comes together to raise money for important projects,” said Jessica Craven, a founding partner of NADI. “We are so happy to support this event that makes a great neighborhood even stronger.”

NADI is a big supporter of social responsibility. Each bottle of the rosehip drink helps create jobs for displaced refugees in the country of Georgia so they can rebuild their lives, and our name NADI means “collective work effort” in Georgian to honor the friends and family who work hard to make our healthy drink possible.

Earlier in her career, Jessica spent two years in the country of Georgia when she was volunteering with the Peace Corps. She admired the ancient culture and traditions such as the rosehip beverages that many Georgians drink to stay healthy and the large multi-course feasts called supra that bring communities together for special occasions.

Jessica works hard to share the Georgian tradition of community involvement with the rest of the world by supporting events like the Kirkwood Spring Fling that “It’s inspiring to see the collective work effort of the Kirkwood community as they raise money to improve the neighborhood,” she said.