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As we were preparing to create NADI, we knew that we wanted to use organic rosehips that are sustainably farmed and grown in the wild exactly as nature intended. 

That’s why we also use organic stevia to sweeten NADI, and the only other ingredient in our healthy drink is purified water. We never add sugar, preservatives or artificial colors or flavorings. 

NADI’s rosehips grow on rosa canina bushes in the forests of the Caucasus Mountains, where sunshine and fresh breezes and plenty of rain keep the plants healthy. 

They’re certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and are never treated with man-made fertilizers, pesticides or other harsh chemicals. 

In the fall, the bushes put out rosehip berries that are rich in Vitamin C — they can have as much as 25 times more than lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits. 

That’s when we hire internally displaced people to handpick the rosehips, which is a gentle way to harvest the berries from the plants so they can go dormant over the winter and store up energy to push out new blooms in the spring. 

Sourcing sustainably grown rosehips is important to us because it keeps the plants and their environment healthy, balanced and regenerative. 

For generations, people in the country of Georgia have used sustainably grown rosehips to make beverages that boost immunity, increase energy and keep their bodies healthy. 

We’re proud to carry on that tradition with NADI. 

—Nina & Gaga