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When we began making the first test samples of the NADI rosehip drink, we wanted to make sure we were using all-natural organic ingredients.

That’s why we use stevia to add a hint of sweetness that balances the natural acidity of the rosehips.

We’re not the only ones who admire this natural source of sweetener. The number of products made with stevia is increasing by more than 10% per year, according to data by Mintel.

Stevia is made from a plant called stevia rebaudiana, which is part of the aster flower family and has been used for centuries in Paraguay to sweeten yerba mate and other teas. It’s a bushy green plant that grows to be about 2 feet tall, and there are more than 150 species grown all over the world.

Extracts from the stevia plant can be up to 200 times sweeter than sugar, so you only need a tiny bit to achieve perfect sweetness.

Stevia is very low in calories and doesn’t have fructose, the culprit in sugar that can cause blood sugar spikes in people with diabetes. Stevia is also great for anyone who is trying to limit calories or lose weight.

Stevia is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the sterols and antioxidants may help fight free radicals that are linked to cancer, according to Medical News Today.

We think that’s pretty sweet.