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Whatever your beliefs or religion, having special rituals and traditions helps us feel nurtured and loved by families, friends and communities.

In the country of Georgia, one beloved tradition is supra— a lavish feast with many courses that can last three or four hours.

Another tradition that many Georgians remember fondly from childhood is drinking rosehip beverages that their mothers or grandmothers made from wild-grown berries they handpicked themselves as fall turned to winter.

The pleasant tartness and balanced floral flavor of rosehip drink instantly transport many Georgians back to the comfort of their early years, when sniffles, coughs, upset stomachs, menstrual cramps, and other common ailments were treated with rosehip drink.

We wanted to bring that taste of tradition to the rest of the world, so we created NADI using an old family recipe. Like the generations before us, we never add artificial flavors or colors to our rosehip drink, which has just 9 calories per bottle and provides 135% of daily Vitamin C needs.

Another Georgian tradition that is important to us is helping others. That’s why we hire refugees who have been displaced by regional conflicts to handpick our berries, which provides steady income as they rebuild their lives. To honor our workers, friends and family who are helping NADI grow, we named our company after a Georgian word that means “collective work effort.”

Nowadays, when our family and friends get sick or run low on energy, we reach for a bottle of NADI to help them stay healthy. Just like our grandmothers and their grandmothers did.

—Nina & Gaga