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Many centuries ago, ancient healers and medicine men began to discover the power of rosehip berries.

Rosehips, rose oil and other parts of the plant have been used to help wounds heal quicker, soothe upset stomachs, fight colds, ease sore throats, improve urinary tract health, reduce inflammation, clean toxins from the kidneys and alleviate trouble sleeping. Rosehip oil can help smooth away wrinkles, and it’s often used in perfumes, lotions and soaps.

Rosehips were first cultivated in ancient Persia, and over time they spread to Rome and Greece. The botanical name of the genus, Rosa, comes from the Greek word “roden,” which means red.

In 77 AD, Roman writer Pliny the Elder recorded more than 30 different medicinal uses for the rose plant and its berries, and in the Middle Ages rosehips were used to make Catholic rosaries and incorporated into worship ceremonies, giving the fruit religious significance.

Early Native Americans used rosehips for tea, ate them as part of their meals, used them to cure muscle cramps and placed them in the homes of people who were in mourning. In ancient China they were used for a variety of stomach illnesses and diarrhea, and in ancient Rome they were used in poultices to treat bites from rabid dogs.

During World War II, when oranges and other citrus fruit was in short supply, the British government used 500 tons of rosehips to make a rosehip syrup that was rich in Vitamin C and distributed it to citizens and troops as a dietary supplement to prevent scurvy.

At NADI, our favorite way to use rosehips is to turn them into a delightful organic drink that is sweetened with natural stevia.

We make NADI with an old family recipe that our mothers and grandmothers made for us when we were children, because they also recognized the healing powers of rosehips.

NADI’s rosehips are always hand-picked at the peak of ripeness from rose plants (rosa canina) that grow wild in the Caucasus Mountains of the country of Georgia. NADI is full of healthy vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins C, E and K plus potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and bioflavonoids.

We are proud to bring the healthy tradition of rosehips to you!