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We are in awe of the talent and passion that were on display at “The Colorful World!” art exhibition last week in New York City.

The show featured work from international artists, many of them from the country of Georgia, at the Artifact Gallery in New York on May 8.

The show was curated by fine art purveyor Madatart, and NADI donated bottles of traditional Georgian rosehip drink to attendees and art buyers. Rosehips are rich in Vitamin C and dozens of other vitamins and nutrients, and they have been used for centuries to soothe upset stomachs, improve heart health, strengthen bones, brighten skin, help wounds heal faster and provide a natural energy boost that lasts all day.

Artists whose work was featured in “The Colorful World!” exhibition included Sofia Varazi, Iryna Fedorenko, Nino Khvadagiani, Tsira Akhobadze, Marita Kapanadze, Mila Kakushadze, Marika Mamuchishvili, Makrine Tkebuchava, Tinatin Sanikidze, Malkhaz Rusadze, Lela Kartveli, Lola Sakhuria, Emin Guliyev, Papuna Dabrundashvili, Nestan Jolia, Natia Bekauri, Lasha Bagaturia and Nana Gogaberishvili.

Several of the paintings and other works that were on display at the show have been sold, putting money back into the local community to support emerging artists as their careers bloom.

As a socially responsible venture, NADI is delighted to support local communities by creating jobs and opportunities. NADI hires displaced refugees in the country of Georgia to handpick rosehip berries and make our all-natural organic beverages. Our name means “collective work effort” in Georgian to recognize the hard work of friends, family and workers who make our drinks possible.