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For a quarter of a century, the American Friends of Georgia organization has raised money to pay for humanitarian work in the country of Georgia and NADI is thrilled to support this important cause.

NADI donated organic rosehip drinks for the attendees at the AFG’s Spring Cocktail Reception on May 16 in New York.

Each year, the event draws expatriates, humanitarians and others who are passionate about helping those in need and creating positive opportunities for people in the country of Georgia.

The funds raised by AFG help pay for shelter for low-income children and people with disabilities, a higher education fund for children who were previously homeless, and a hospice program for the elderly.

AFG’s mission is so similar to our own as we work to create jobs and growth opportunities for displaced refugees in the country of Georgia.

We are delighted to share our all-natural traditional Georgian rosehip drink with attendees of the AFG Spring Cocktail Reception, and many of them may remember drinking healthy rosehip beverages made by their grandmothers and mothers when they were children.

The AFG Spring Cocktail Reception is being hosted by the Ukraine Institute of America on the Upper East Side in New York City. You can purchase tickets here.