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In the age of quarantine, people are finding extra time in their days to work out and stay active. For some of us, that means practicing the new American pass time of taking long walks through our neighborhoods. Others have started following along with Youtube and Instagram workouts being provided to us by some of our favorite trainers worldwide! The question: How do we ensure that our workouts stay effective without the help of a trainer or class and how do we keep our minds and bodies healthy? Here are a few of our favorite tips!

If you’re a workout class person, quarantine can be an especially difficult time to stay active. These are a few of my favorite trainers who post Live Instagram workouts DAILY.

@trainwithdanny – Danny’s style makes you feel like you’re in a one on one training session with him. If you’re in the mood to move your body, but don’t want to commit an hour, he’s perfect for you. His workouts last only 30 minutes, but are effective and fast paced. The perfect way to get your heart rate up without the time commitment.

@lindseyharrod – Lindsey is my go-to-girl. Monday through Saturday she puts out dynamic circuit based workouts that are a solid 45 minutes long (12pm EST, 9am PDT). Her intense workouts in combination with her fun personality and great playlists will set a great tone for the rest of your day!

@healthhouse – Health House is a popular workout spot in sunny Los Angeles. They have a rotating roster of local trainers who they invite to train you daily (11am EST, 8am PDT). My favorite part about these classes is that they use the actual House House Gym that has a booming sound system, colorful lights, and amazing energy. If you miss going to high energy workout classes check them out!

Now that we have options of where to workout, how do we optimize the hard work we are putting in? Our founder, Nina likes to “drink a cold bottle of NADI Original flavor after my every run and it makes me feel amazing and refreshed.” NADI of course, is a super refreshing and healthy drink; but, did you know that the naturally high content of antioxidants in NADI are actually imperative to have after a workout. After our body has endured strenuous activity it fills up with free radicals. Free radicals actually cause the body to take on oxidation stress and inflammation. Two big factors that discourage weight loss and overall health. Antioxidants act as an antidote to these troublesome molecules, so it is safe to say that antioxidants are a must after a good gym session!

Once we have the resources for classes and we know what we should be putting our bodies the hardest part remains. How do I stay motivated?  Something I have adopted in quarantine is a Monthly Habit Tracker. These seem silly and juvenile, but there is something about being accountable and checking off a list that really motivates me to stick to a daily routine. (Here is the printable version I like to use!)

We hope this helps with your Quarantine Goals – stay healthy, stay sane!