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NADI + Packed With Purpose Support Businesses With a Social Mission

We started NADI with a vision of helping people in need: the refugees who lost everything when they had to flee their homes because of regional conflicts. It took a lot of hard work by our friends and family to bring NADI to life.

That’s why we called our company NADI, which means “collective work effort” in the Georgian language, to honor all the friends and family who make our social venture possible. Each year, we celebrate International Friendship Day to express our gratitude to all of our friends, retailers, distributors and other business partners who support our company.

One way to express your thanks and show your friends that you care is by sending them a gift basket with healthy snacks and drinks made by companies with social missions that improve lives and make a positive impact on local communities.


We love Packed With Purpose, which embeds the act of doing good in every carefully curated gift basket it sells. All products in Packed with Purpose baskets are made by businesses with a social mission, women- or minority-owned businesses, disadvantaged businesses and other companies that are making a difference.


We’re proud that NADI Happy Hearts dried apple chips are included in some Packed With Purpose baskets. Each purchase helps us fulfill our mission of creating jobs and economic opportunities for refugees who were displaced by regional conflicts in the country of Georgia. 


Working alongside these partners, refugee leaders, our friends and family, and our customers, we’ve curated a community of people whose values align with our own and we wouldn’t be where we are today without each of them. Here’s to everlasting friendships far and wide!