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NADI Juices Now Available at H-E-B’s Central Market Stores

Buying healthy all-natural beverages just got a little easier in Austin, Texas!

NADI organic rosehip juices are now available at Central Market stores!

All three varieties of NADI juice — Wild Rosehip, Rosehip-Pomegranate and Rosehip Grape — are stocked on the shelves of the popular Austin grocery stores.

Central Market is owned by grocery store giant H-E-B, which introduced the first concept stores in the early 1990s as a way to provide high quality produce, organic items, premium cheese and wine, and other hard-to-find ingredients to discerning consumers.

The first Central Market location was 84,000 square feet and featured a serpentine layout that took customers through each section of the store and helped people discover imported ingredients like Hatch chilis and French flageolet beans, spices and other staples that would help drive the foodie movement.

Central Market also offered several in-store restaurants, one of which was a barbecue place called Cowboy Kitchen, and prepared foods that catered to busy professionals who wanted good food but didn’t have enough time to cook.

Central Market was an instant hit. The first week drew more than twice as many people as executives anticipated

There are now 10 Central Market stores in the Austin area, and you can find NADI juices in the beverage section.