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We are excited to announce two new flavors, redesigned labels with original artwork and a larger 1-liter package size in response to rising consumer demand.

The new NADI drink flavors are Organic Wild Rosehip with Pomegranate Juice, and Organic Wild Rosehip with Grape Juice. Both have the same benefits of Vitamin C, B Complex Vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols and dozens of other vitamins and healthy nutrients that made the original NADI Organic Rosehip Drink popular across the United States. All NADI drinks are made with organic ingredients, and there are never any added sugars or artificial ingredients.

“We are thrilled by how quickly consumers have embraced the ancient Georgian health tradition of NADI rosehip drink, and these new pomegranate and grape blends offer additional variety for people of all ages,” said Nina Tickaradze, Founder & CEO of NADI, which is certified by WBENC, the largest third-party certification program for companies operated by women.

NADI also created newly designed labels for its lineup of organic drinks, with a cleaner and more modern look and an easy-to-read list of ingredients. The labels highlight the fact that NADI is gluten free, strengthens immunity and is a good source of Vitamin C. The new labels feature original paintings by Georgian artist Ketevan Ignatova, who is a passionate supporter of NADI’s mission as a socially responsible venture that creates jobs for displaced refugees in the country of Georgia.

In response to consumer and retailer requests, NADI is also introducing larger format 1-liter bottles to make it easier than ever to share the health benefits of rosehip drink with family and friends. NADI will also continue making drinks in the original convenient 10-ounce bottles.

NADI is now available in more stores across the nation through a partnership with United Natural Foods (UNFI) to distribute and deliver its drinks to grocery stores, natural foods stores and other specialty shops. In addition to ensuring that NADI drinks are adequately stocked at local stores, UNFI offers retailers consistent delivery schedules that improve reliability and make distribution hassle-free.