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We are excited to help celebrate and support The Oasisss, a local independent business that educates people about self-care and self-awareness.

The Oasisss holds workshops and other events that show people how to live a healthier lifestyle, and on Dec. 5 they hosted a “Flow & Elevate” class at event space at The Table in Smyrna, Georgia.

Attendees enjoyed an evening of healing and relaxation, with a neo-soul yoga class for beginners followed by a sound bath that soothed the body and mind. Participants followed social distancing guidelines as they unwound and released pent-up stress from 2020.

The Oasisss is owned and operated by Janae Horton, who is also a NADI Ambassador. Janae is a Certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor who teaches a holistic approach to keeping the mind, body and spirit healthy and strong.

She is also a passionate vegan, and self-published an easy-to-follow cookbook with vegan recipes called “Nourish: A Beginner’s Guide to a Plant-Based Diet.”

Congratulations to The Oasisss on a successful event, and we look forward to supporting your incredible work for many years to come!