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Vacations are such a wonderful time to get away from work and stress, but they can also leave you feeling run down and tired.

That can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to colds or other illnesses even in the summertime.

Here are 7 times for keeping your immune system strong when you travel:

  • Wash your hands! Airports, subways and other public transportation is great, but they can also be covered in germs. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, especially before eating or touching your mouth or face.
  • Beware jet lag. If you’re changing time zones when you travel, build in some buffer time for a nap or some rest time.
  • Don’t overdo caffeine or alcohol. A double espresso might seem like a good idea with dinner, but the jolt of caffeine can make it hard to fall asleep. The same goes for alcohol, which can dehydrate you and
  • Get 8 hours of sleep. Sometimes we need more than the usual amount of sleep when we’re traveling and getting more exercise and excitement than our bodies are used to. If you’re a light sleeper, consider using a sleep mask, earplugs or a white noise machine.
  • Eat healthy. Splurging on sweets and other indulgent foods is one of the joys of being on vacation, but balance that out with extra vegetables or salads to keep your body strong. Probiotics can also keep your gut health in balance.
  • Use sunblock. Getting sunburnt is the worst, and the pain lasts for days. It also drains energy and can lead to fever, chills or sunstroke. Use sunblock and hats, and don’t forget to reapply sunblock a few times throughout the day.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, tea and vitamin-rich beverages that aren’t loaded with sugar to prevent fatigue and dehydration.


One thing that’s always on our packing list is NADI organic rosehip drink. It has just 9 calories per bottle, no added sugar and lots of Vitamin C so we stay energized for vacation adventures.