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Still life of autumn fruits, pomegranates, grapes.

Many people can’t live without their morning coffee, or an afternoon pick-me-up of soda or a caffeinated energy drink that causes a terrible “crash” later when the sugar and caffeine wear off.

Don’t get sucked into that trap.

Reach for a natural energy booster instead.

Vitamin-rich foods and beverages are a much healthier choice when you need some energy boost, and drinks with lots of B Vitamins are nature’s energy elixir.

Rosehips are a great source of B Complex Vitamins, which give you energy the natural way by helping your body use fuel from carbohydrates, protein and fat more effectively.

B Vitamins play an important role in helping your body produce DNA, and they help your body transport oxygen and energy.

B Vitamins also reduce the occurrence of certain birth defects, and they can improve our mood and give us more energy for things like exercise and concentrating on tasks.

Many people don’t get enough B Vitamins in their diet, or don’t consume enough of the foods and vegetables that deliver a powerful punch of these important vitamins.

The next time you’re feeling listless and lethargic, reach for nature’s energy drink.

Our favorites are NADI Wild Rosehip, NADI Wild Rosehip Grape or NADI Wild Rosehip Pomegranate, which you can buy here.

All three beverages are packed with B Vitamins, Vitamin C, antioxidants and dozens of other beneficial compounds, and there are never any added sugars, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Best of all, you won’t experience that awful crash that comes after energy drinks, soda and coffee, which usually makes you feel even more tired than before.

Vitamin-rich drinks are nature’s way of giving you an energy boost that lasts all day.