Are You the Next NADI Brand Ambassador?


We are excited to announce our new Brand Ambassador program, which connects energetic people who are passionate about healthy living and giving back to their local communities!

NADI Brand Ambassadors help raise awareness about the health benefits and immunity-boosting powers of rosehips. They also help us create closer ties with local retailers, natural food stores, co-ops and other neighborhood markets that would like to carry our line of all-natural organic rosehip drinks.

Ambassadors will help us achieve our mission as a social venture that gives back to communities in need. Each purchase of a NADI product helps create jobs and provide steady wages for displaced refugees who are trying to support their families and gain economic freedom.

We will shower our Ambassadors with fun rewards and prizes, such as free products, gift cards and a percentage of sales made with your unique promotional code. You will also be able to connect with other Ambassadors across the country to share tips, insights and skills you’ve gained to raise awareness of the health benefits of NADI products and social entrepreneurism.

Ambassadors will also learn valuable new skills in digital marketing, social media influencing, and supporting grassroots marketing for a growing brand.

Would you like to join our tight circle of NADI Brand Ambassadors? Please apply today!


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